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Top to Bottom Kitchen Cleaning

kitchen-cleaningAt first glance, cleaning the kitchen seems like a routine task. However, in order to achieve a quality result in the shortest time possible, it is necessary to keep in mind some guiding principles that will make your job easier and, in the end, will make you proud of the results.

Preliminary steps - Get prepared, sort and organize things

To restore brilliance to the kitchen, it is essential to have at hand some quality cleaning products, cleaning cloths, sponges, a broom, a mop and bucket, a pair of heavy-duty cleaning gloves (safety comes first!) and any other materials that you specifically require. Regarding the cleaning products, choose them according to your preffered scent but please, read the manufacturer's instructions carefully before use. For instance, never use products containing abrasive powders to scrub the taps, glass or stainless steel surfaces with mirrorlike finishes. It is possible that these abrasive particles will leave some ugly scratches, so pay attention to what and where you use them. The same precautions should be taken when using steel sponges.

Start by sorting (and possibly disposing of) any objects that are no longer required: expired food, vouchers from five years ago, empty bottles and jars, and so on. Reorganize the contents of cupboards and drawers by separately grouping things you need regularly. Group the products that have a close expiry date so you will remember using them before it's too late.

Kitchen cupboard cleaningStep 1 - Start from the ceiling

With all the materials ready, it's time to start cleaning. Our recommendation is to proceed from top to bottom, starting with the ceiling and walls. Cobwebs on the ceiling, walls and cupboards should be the first on our list. Use a broom to dust off the walls and ceiling. Some detergent, diluted in a small amount of water works well for scrubbing your walls, from top to bottom, before rinsing with warm water. This will remove all grease stains on your walls. If you encounter a stubborn grease stain, take a potato, cut it in half and rub it on the surface.

Next, we will deal with the cupboards. Start by dusting them then apply some furniture polish in order to make them shine.

hob cleaningStep 2 -  Focus on the appliances

It is time to take care of the middle of the kitchen. We are taking about the work surfaces, the cooker, the microwave owen, the fridge and other appliances. Use cleaning products in order to remove grease, food crumbs stuck to your counters and stubborn stains. Remember to move all devices placed on your work surfaces in order to clean underneath them. If you do not use an old blender anymore, store it separately in order to gain some space.

Depending on the appliances, there are different ways to clean them. For instance, to clean the microwave oven, squeeze the juice from a lemon into a bowl of water. Place the bowl into the ovent, then operate the appliance on full power until the liquid boils. Wipe the interior with a damp cloth. (You can read our dedicated article on cleaning the microwave oven for more tips). The fridge can be easily cleaned on the outside by using a mixture of water and white vinegar in equal parts. If you have a deep fryer, absorb any remaining oil by sprinkling some flour on it, then rub with a sponge. Do not clean the sink yet (see below).

kitchen floor cleaningStep 3 - Floors and everything else

In the end, it's time to deal the with the lower part of the kitchen. This means dusting the skirt boards, floor cleaning, emptying the bins and so on. Feel free to use detergents or other cleaning products to remove stains from the floor or other surfaces. 

One last tip: don't bother to clean the sink until the very end. Throughout the cleaning you'll use the sink to clean sponges and cloths, to prepare mixtures of cleaning products and to get rid of the collected crumbs. Only when you know you've done all the work, clean the sink with a dishwashing liquid then rinse with warm water.

As you can see, for a successful kitchen cleaning it is advisable to start at the top and finish at the bottom. By using this method, you are sure not to omit anything because the dust from the first two steps will eventually fall to the floor which you will clean in step 3.

As always, the best way to keep your kitchen sparkling is to clean  on a regular basis. Our home cleaners London will be happy to help you solve this problems and to keep your house spotless.

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