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Secrets Of A Great Spring Cleaning

spring-cleaning-london-house-cleanersThis is it, the beautiful spring days are returning! It's time to prepare for the big home spring cleaning. At first, it might look like a daunting task, but don't worry. Clean the house from cellar to attic, regain some space and bring back some organization: here are some tips to make your life easier.

The big spring cleaning is considered a tradition that chases away winter and celebrates the arrival of spring. Cleaning up the house is also beneficial for our morale, as it's a simple way to clear our minds, to organize our thoughts, to sort our priorities and to forget some of our problems. For a successful spring cleaning, we simply need to follow three principles.

Clean from top to bottom

This involves cleaning everything from floor to ceiling, room by room. To do that, a minimum of organization is required. We should start by moving the furniture away from the walls, open the windows, and prepare all relevant materials: buckets, brooms, mops, cleaning cloths, cleaning products, sponges, hoover etc.

Some steps are essential and should not be forgotten. For instance:

Remove cobwebs;

Scrub floors, skirting boards, radiators and light switches;

Descale sanitaryware;

Dust curtains and blinds;

Dust the furniture in full (including on top of furniture that we tend to forget about);

Clean the light bulbs (remember to unscrew them first in order to avoid accidents);

Turn mattresses;

Wash / clean duvets and blankets;

Clean the windows;

Clean the oven (you could coat the inside with a paste made of water and washing soda and let it act overnight before scrubbing) and the hob;

Defrost and clean the refrigerator;

Polish your furniture.

cupboard-organization-home-cleaners-londonGet back some space

In almost every room in the house, useless, outdated or damaged items tend to accumulate in our closets, drawers and shelves. Time to get rid of the clutter!

Start by sorting the contents of your kitchen cupboards. We often tend to push towards the back of the shelves lots of tins that quickly become unreachable and forgotten, only to be found many months after the expiration date. This is an opportunity to review what you have and what should go in the rubbish.

Dedicate a shelf for all the products that were opened and must be consumed first. This has the double advantage of simplifying your ideas for meals to come and getting back some space for other arrangements.

In the bathroom, collect all shampoo remains in one bottle. Do the same for the shower gels in order to avoid the collection of bottles on the edge of the bathtub.

In the living room, sort all newspapers, magazines, catalogs and advertising leaflets lurking on the coffee table or wherever, and discard those that are obsolete.

In the bedroom, sort your clothes and underwear. Make a pile of those you have not worn for ages, you no longer love or no longer fit you. If they are still in good condition, give them to a charity or sell them on eBay or in a car boot sale. If they are too damaged, discard them without remorse.

file-organizing-residential-cleaners-londonReorganize things

Good home organization will save us time every day. You won't loose precious time searching for your things only to discover them when you no longer need them.

Buy some airtight metal boxes big enough to store the cereals that kids love. This will prevent the packages spilling in your cupboards, and your cereals will remain crisp and tasty. Rice and pasta will be better preserved in glass jars.

Sort and store important papers, bills, bank statements in file folders labeled by theme.

Store your winter clothes in bags or cardboard boxes and bring out the summer clothes.


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