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How To Deal With End of Tenancy Cleaning

End of tenancy cleaning LondonThe last thing you want to be bothered about when you're moving house is the end of tenancy cleaning. After all, you will have a lot of things to think about such as the new school for your kids, changing all your documents to the new address, the availability of stores and other facilities in the area and lots and lots of other stuff.

However, you are probably bound by a contract with your landlord and you will need to return the place without any visible trace of your habitation, otherwise you may lose your deposit or even have to pay some extra damage fees. The bottom line is that even if end of tenancy cleaning isn't the most interesting or glamorous job in the world, it must be done.

Plan your end of tenancy cleaning carefully

London end of tenancy cleaning isn't something that should be done on a rush. You will need to take some time and make a list of all the important areas that you will need to tackle. Landlords are particularly demanding when checking these areas, so you better make sure that everything is done right.

The best way to do your end of tenancy cleaning is in an empty place. Move everything to your new house before starting. This way you can easily access all areas and make sure that there won't be any problem spots left unseen. Deep cleaning a place full of furniture and packages is a lot harder.

Here is a list of potential problems that should help you organize your end of tenancy cleaning.


You will have to take out any nails or screws that you have put into the walls, then use some wall filler to cover up any holes. Make sure that you paint the repaired areas so there it won't be any visible difference between the original paintwork and yours. If you are not sure about the result, better ask for help from a handyman.

Every wall in the house must be scrubbed in order to get rid of the dirt, stains or fingerprints left on them. You should be very cautious when doing this as scrubbing too hard might damage the paint coat and you would have to repaint everything. This is one of the most tedious tasks involved in end of tenancy cleaning.

Don't forget about the skirting boards and the radiators. They should be wiped clean using a soft cloth and soapy water as they attract a lot of dirt. If you have any fireplaces, remember to remove all the ashes then carefully wipe their exterior. Also clean your air vents and, if necessary, replace the filters.


kitchen-cleaningMaking sure that you leave behind a sparkling kitchen should rank very high on your priorities list. Remember that you will have to clean all your cupboards and drawers, washing machine, microwave oven, tumble dryer, freezer or refrigerator on the inside and outside (don't forget about hidden spots such as the detergent compartments in the washing machine or the crumbs drawer in the toaster).

You will also have to clean the countertops, the sink, the walls and the floor. Don't forget to wipe the bins on the inside and outside. It's a lot of work so you must be organised in order to achieve a great result. For more tips regarding how to clean your kitchen, check our "Top to bottom kitchen cleaning" article.


The bathroom is the other room that should pass a detailed inspection by your landlord. Make sure that you thoroughly clean all the surfaces including the tiles, shower, bathtub, sink and mirrors. All drawers should be cleaned inside and outside. Don't leave behind any personal stuff such as toothpaste, earbuds and so on. You can find additional information about cleaning the bathroom in our "Bathroom cleaning tips" article.

For all rooms

Your cleaning list should include many other areas that are usually overlooked but will be checked by your landlord. you must clean the frames of doors and windows (also on the top, yes), the wardrobes, the light fixtures, switches and sockets. Don't forget about the window sills and the blinds that also must be cleaned.

Clean your windows on the inside and, if possible, on the outside. Is this is too dangerous, ask for help from a window cleaning professional.

Check the condition of your curtains; is there are two dirty or smelly (especially if you've smoked inside), have them cleaned by a professional cleaning company.


Carpets dental attract a lot of dust and soil, especially in heavy traffic areas such as hallways and lounges. If you can't restore their condition by simply vacuuming them, or if they present some ugly spots due to spilled beverages, cosmetics or pet accidents, then you should really hire a London carpet cleaning company in order to fix the problems.

Remember that the carpet cleaning should be done last, after all other cleaning has been finished, otherwise all the dust particles that were on the various surfaces will land on your freshly cleaned carpets, and you surely don't want that.

The alternative – hire a specialised end of tenancy cleaning company

End of tenancy cleaners LondonAs you can see, there's a lot of time and work involved to achieve great results. if you don't have the time to do all the cleaning by yourself, you can ask for help from a professional cleaning company. The cleaning team knows precisely what are the expectations from the landlords and will perform your end of tenancy cleaning quickly and efficiently.

Please remember that this is not a regular cleaning service – your end of tenancy cleaners will not clean your washing machine if you left clothes inside it or clean your sink if there are dishes in it. You will have to take care of these things before they arrive so they can do their job.

Taking into consideration all the time that you will save and all the work that you won't have to do by yourself, by hiring a London end of tenancy cleaning company you can rest assured that you will get your deposit back and will also have time to take care of lots of other things involved when moving into a new home.

For a free, no obligation London end of tenancy cleaning quote, just drop us a line and we will be happy to help.


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