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Carpet Cleaning Without Water

Water Carpet Cleaning SystemHow many times did you notice that your carpets really need a good cleaning? Many times, probably. If you don't have the time or the skills, then you will probably want to call a professional London carpet cleaning company.

Most of the times you will be offered a hot water extraction carpet cleaning solution(also know as HWE). The combination of hot water, steam and specially designed chemicals is a powerful recipe that can be sucessfully used to solve various problems and the results are great if the job is done by a skilled carpet cleaning operator. There are, however, some disadvantages to this method.

Disadvantages of the water carpet cleaning system

The most obvious problem is that the carpets remain wet for a long time. Some companies use hot air blowers in order to speed up the drying process but even then it will take some hours for the carpet to be completely dry.

Some other problems are not so obvious at first sight but they are prone to happen. Depending of the nature of your carpet fibers and the skills of the carpet cleaning operator, you could find out that the carpets are shrinking or that there is some colour running (separate colours in the carpet get mixed up for an unpleasant result). If there was a lot of water used for cleaning and it wasn't extracted properly, some of it may accumulate under the carpet. The result could be a low of mildew between the floor and the carpet which will generate some unpleasant smells besides ruining your carpet's backing.

OK, so what should you do in order to avoid such possible problems and get the same great result as from HWE? The answer is obvious: you should clean your carpets without water! Water can be your carpet's best friend or worst enemy. If you can avoid water then your capets will be dried almost immediately, and there will be no risk of shrinking, colour running or mildew.

The good news is that it is now possible. Dry carpet cleaning or low-moisture (LM) carpet cleaning is a proven cleaning system used everywhere around the world with great results. No more water, no more inconveniences. And it also works on most types of carpets, including some that are very sensible (such as wool).

Dry Carpet Cleaning SystemHow does the dry carpet cleaning system work?

At the core of the dry carpet cleaning system are the microsponges - some sponge-like tiny granules that contain all the chemicals needed for cleaning. When agitated between the carpet fibers, these microsponges release the contained substances that will instantly mix with the dirt. As a result, the soil will be trapped by the microsponges, the granules will change colour and they can be safely vacuumed away, leaving no sticky residue that could attract dirt.

The result is a clean, dry and fresh carpet which is ready for immediate use. The microsponges have a pH of 5.5 which means they are dermatologically balanced, making them safe to use - even your pets will not be affected.

The dry carpet cleaning system is regularly used everywhere around the globe in homes and offices, hotels and restaurants, schools and hospitals, and so on. By leaving the carpets ready for use immediately, the dry carpet cleaning system is the best choice for heavy traffic places that require 24 hours access.

Enjoy the benefits of the dry carpet cleaning system! Book a London carpet cleaner today!


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